2024 Arizona State   year old Softball State Tournament

Please see our home page and join our Facebook page AZ District 2 Little League Baseball and Softball we will be posting pictures of the games for parent to view and download. 

Homewood Suites is a wonderful option if you have Managers staying with players if family can't come as they offer a two room suite with 2 bathrooms. Also great prices on one room suites anywhere from 100.00 to 115.00 depending on beds. Most all have kitchens. 11450 W Hilton Way, Avondale AZ 623-882-3315

Another option across the parking lot is Hilton Garden. 

Parent code of conduct document  ** CLICK HERE **
Please make sure each of your players has a signed District 2 code of conduct signed by a parent 
Thank you.

Springhill Suites by Marriott Phoenix-Goodyear $119.00 night 1351 N Bullard Ave Goodyear, AZ 85395
Tru by Hilton Goodyear this is owed by the some as above cheaper option $100.00 
Can call 602-354-9540 for both reservations.

Places to Cool off:

  • Uptown Alley
  • Main Event
  • Urban Air
  • Elevate
  • Dbat Avondale
  • Harkins Theater
  • Dave & Busters
  • Top Golf

Team Registration

Each district will forward their champion team’s information to the respective state organizer.  Each team’s manager must be at the tournament site one hour before their first game to check in with the tournament host committee.  Affidavits, proofs of residency, and medical releases will be checked at this time.  If any team has an incomplete package, West Region must be consulted to determine if that team is allowed to play, so please make sure your package is complete before you travel.

Tournament Ground Rules

  • All fields are considered neutral.
  • All games will begin at their scheduled times.  Any variations to the scheduled times must be approved by the Tournament Director.
  • Teams must have a representative available 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the game to conduct the coin toss.  The team traveling the furthest to the field will call the coin toss.  The winner of the coin toss will have the choice of playing as home team or visiting team. The home team will occupy the third base dugout.
  • Each team will be allowed 10 minutes of infield practice prior to the start of the game, beginning with the visiting team 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.
    Batting cages are available at the site.  Each team is allowed 15 minutes of cage time 1 hour prior to the scheduled start time.  This will be on a first come, first served basis.
  • All players must be in uniform prior to the start of the game.  Shirts must be tucked in and athletic supporters must be worn.  All equipment will be checked for compliance by the umpire crew prior to the game.  Illegal or broken equipment will be removed from the dugout with no exceptions.
  • All adult team personnel must be listed on the team’s affidavit and must carry photo identification with them at all times.
  • A pre-game conference will be held at home plate 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.  Managers will provide completed lineup cards to the home plate umpire and scorekeeper at this time.  Each players first and last names and jersey number must be clearly written on the lineup card.  Any ineligible pitchers must be identified.
  • At no time will an adult be allowed to warm-up a player.
  • If pregame practice includes a bat, all players in the immediate vicinity must wear a batting helmet.
  • Only players and coaches listed on the team’s affidavit will be allowed on the field or in the dugout.  Any other person entering the field at any time must have permission from the Tournament Director or the home plate umpire.
  • If flash photography or any type of noisemaker is considered a nuisance by any player, manager, coach or official, its use will be terminated for that game.
  • No electronic devices, other than those approved prior to the game by the Tournament Director, shall be utilized within the dugout during the game.  Any person caught utilizing electronic devices, for whatever reason, during the game will be ejected.
  • Team scorekeeping must be done in the dugout.  No communication is permitted between dugout personnel and spectators.
  • Only the team’s manager is permitted out of the dugout to discuss rules interpretations.  In a civil manner, the manager must address the specific umpire who made the call.  Umpires will not address judgment calls.  Violation of this rule may be cause for ejection.
  • Any violation of the Arizona State District Administrators Association Code of Conduct by any manager, coach, player or spectator will be grounds for ejection. Any baseball leaving the playing field (i.e. foul balls, homeruns) must be returned to the playing field.  They are the sole property of the tournament host.

Arizona State Little League Code of Conduct
Please see document above and go over it with anyone attending the event. 

Further Information

Please contact the District 2 District Administrator Michael Butterfield [email protected]

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